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Work injury form approved for workers

The benefits of workers' compensation

Protect your financial future

after an injury

Protect yourself against aggressive insurance companies

Under Alabama law, employers with 5 or more employees are required to carry workers' compensation insurance. Understanding the full extent of the coverage provided by this benefit will help to ensure that you are compensated fairly in the event that you are injured while performing your job. The primary benefits of workers’ compensation coverage to an injured worker are as follows:


• Lost Wages

• Medical and Rehabilitation Expenses

• Compensation for Permanent Injuries

If you should become injured while performing your job, you should notify your supervisor immediately. After doing so, your employer will likely require you to complete a form in which you will provide the details of your injury. This form is often called a workers’ compensation report of injury. After completing this form, your workers’ compensation benefits should begin.


In some instances, legitimate workers' compensation claims may be denied by aggressive insurance companies. The insurance company may claim you were not injured while performing your job, suffered from a pre-existing condition or that your injury does not require medical attention. You may need to take legal action to receive your workers compensation benefits.


If you have been injured on the job and need assistance with your workers’ compensation claim, contact the lawyers at Johnson, Paseur & Medley, LLC. We do not charge you for the initial consultation, and you will not be charged at all, unless we recover monies for you.

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